Stormwater Utility Program

In October, 2017 the City Commission authorized GSG, Inc. to perform the necessary tasks associated with the development of preliminary assessment rates (Phase 1) and to perform the specific work required to implement a stormwater fee if the City Commission so chose (Phase 2). GSG’s work product was presented to the City Commission during the FY19 budget workshop held in August, 2018 and the consensus of the City Commission was for staff to bring forth an ordinance to create a stormwater fee program. The first reading of Ordinance 2019-01 was approved by the City Commission during the City Commission meeting held on January, 2 2019.

Ordinance 2019-01 will establish a funding mechanism for activities related to the collection, storage, treatment and conveyance of stormwater within the city of Lake Wales. A stormwater fee will be imposed upon each and every parcel within the city, as classified into three distinct customer categories: (1) Single Family Residential Parcels, (2) Condominium Parcels, and (3) General Parcels.

Parcels with utility connections will be billed for stormwater services with the regular monthly utility bill. Parcels without an established utility account will be billed separately on a determined fixed cycle.

Areas within the City that will not receive a direct benefit from stormwater service fees will be exempted from the fee assessment. Areas that receive only partial benefits can be offered credits commensurate with the level of stormwater service benefits actually received.