Application for Appointment

The opportunity for appointment to city boards, commissions, and committees occurs from time to time as resignations take place and annually as regular terms expire. Details on regular terms of office are provided on the page for each board, commission, and committee.


Members who seek reappointment are also required to submit new applications. Notices are published in the local newspapers when applications are sought for expiring terms or other vacancies.


Applications for appointment may be filled out at the below link:
Contact the City Clerk's Office at 863-678-4182, ext. 270 with any questions.

Completed applications will be forwarded to the City Clerk.

Regulatory Boards

All applicants seeking appointment to a regulatory board such as Planning and Zoning Board, Board of Appeals, Code Enforcement Board and the like, must be interviewed by the board chairman and the head of the relevant department to ensure that the applicants understand the duties and responsibilities of the board, are capable of performing such duties and responsibilities and are willing to fulfill the requirements of serving on the board.

Application Approval Process

Applications are forwarded to the City Commission for review and consideration as terms expire or other vacancies occur. The City Manager may delay the forwarding of applications to the City Commission until there are a sufficient number of applicants to fill all vacant positions on a particular board, commission or committee.

Appointments are made during the course of a regularly scheduled Commission meeting. Appointees are notified in writing by the City Clerk within a week of appointment. Applications of persons not appointed to a board, commission or committee are kept on file for 6 months for consideration if a vacancy occurs at a later date.