City Environment

  1. City Planning

    The Planning and Development Department is responsible for long- and short-range planning and implementation of the city's land use and development regulations.

  2. Florida Forest Service

    The mission of the Division of Forestry is to protect Florida and its people from the dangers of wild land fire and manage the forest resources through a stewardship ethic to assure they are available for future generations.

  3. Florida Department of Environmental Protection

    Florida’s environmental priorities include restoring the Everglades, improving air quality, restoring and protecting the water quality in our springs, lakes, rivers and coastal waters and more.

  4. The Nature Conservancy in Florida

    The mission of the Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

  5. Polk County Natural Resources Division

    The Natural Resources Division was established to develop and implement natural resource management programs that protect, enhance, and manage Polk County's environment.

  6. Polk County Water Atlas

    Explore the county's water resources via an interactive map; provides hydrological, water quality and general information for watersheds, rivers and creeks, and lakes in Polk County.

  7. Reclamation & Reuse

    Discover all the ways Lake Wales is attempting to save the city money while also providing a clean and safe water supply.

  8. Ridge Audubon Society

    The Ridge Audubon Society's Babson Park Center, located just south of Lake Wales on the Scenic Highway, is a gateway to America's most diverse ecosystem.

  9. Southwest Florida Water Management District

    The Southwest Florida Water Management District manages the water resources for west-central Florida as directed by state law.

  10. Storm Water

    If you appreciate the birds and other wildlife that nest and feed around the shores of our lakes, you should be concerned about storm water pollution.