2-228 Educational Incentives & Benefits

Secs. 2-228.01 Tuition & Books
  • (a) The City may authorize payment for tuition and books for courses it considers will be helpful to successful completion of the mission of the City subject to budgetary constraints as follows:
    1. The City Manager, or his designee, shall determine if the course or curriculum is related to the employee's job or contributes to the long range value of the employee to the City.
    2. If the course is reimbursable through some other source, then provisions of the City's education tuition payment plan shall not apply.
Secs. 2-228.02 Eligibility
  • (a) Full-time employment with the City at least one year.
  • (b) The level will include a high school diploma, associate, bachelor or masters degree.
  • (c) No more than two courses per quarter or semester (or equivalent period of time) may be taken.
Secs. 2-228.03 Requests & Payment
  • (a) The employee must request the method of funding (advance or reimbursement) by submitting Human Resources Form 007 for approval. In order to process the request in a timely manner, employees should make every effort to request necessary funding as soon as school schedules are released. Failure to obtain approval in advance will result in requests for reimbursement being denied.
  • (b) Employees receiving a tuition advance must submit a paid receipt from the college or university for classes and books to the HR. Employees requesting reimbursement upon completion of the class must also submit paid receipts.
  • (c) Employees are encouraged to attend any accredited Florida college or university; however, tuition reimbursement shall be paid at the public college or university tuition rate. Correspondence schools will not be considered for tuition reimbursement. Employees shall not be reimbursed for mileage or personal expenses unless they are required by the City Manager to take the course.
  • (d) The employee shall submit to the City Manager the final grade, certification, or degree immediately upon receipt from the school.
Secs. 2-228.04 Repayment by the Employee
  • (a) The employee shall reimburse the total cost of tuition and books if he fails to successfully complete the course. Reimbursement shall be within two weeks of receipt of grade. For courses for which an employee receives a grade, reimbursement to the City will be as follows:
    1. Employees receiving a grade of C or better shall not be required to reimburse the City. Employees receiving a grade below a C shall reimburse the City at 100%. Employees who drop a class shall reimburse the City at 100%.
    2. The employee who receives any funds under this program shall be required to work for the City for at least three years from the date money is received, or shall reimburse the City for every dollar received upon termination. The City reserves the right to withhold the money owed from any final paycheck upon separation subject only to applicable law.
Secs. 2-228.05 Schedules
The City will attempt to rearrange work schedules for classes if it does not interrupt the normal work flow.