2-225 Job Performance Evaluations

Secs. 2-225.01 The Employee Performance Review System
  • (a) Employee Performance Reviews are given to evaluate the employee's work attitude, quality, quantity and performance and to assist the employee and management in recognizing strengths and weaknesses and to assist in improving areas identified as weak.
  • (b) Employee Performance Reviews will be conducted (1) before the employee's initial probation is completed to determine whether their employment will be continued or terminated, (2) annually for full and part-time regular employees, (3) the immediate supervisor will conduct a quarterly face-to-face counseling session on duties, responsibilities and performance objectives, and (4) on other occasions as determined necessary by the Department Head.
Secs. 2-225.02 Use
In addition to assisting employees and management in achieving and maintaining acceptable or better job performance, Employee Performance Reviews are considered in determining advancement, disciplinary actions and other job actions.
Secs. 2-225.03 Process
  • (a) The process for rating the work performance and work attitude of employees accurately and fairly is set forth in the guidelines as part of the Employee Performance Review Form.
  • (b) The employee shall be allowed up to 24 hours to review and draft comments to his or her review and should not be expected to rush through it in the Supervisor's office.
  • (c) The evaluator shall transmit the evaluation and the employee's comments, if any, to HR no later than five (5) days prior to the employee's anniversary date.