2-215 Holidays

Secs. 2-215.01 Holidays Observed
  • (a) The City recognizes the ten (10) holidays as enumerated below. The days such holidays shall be celebrated may be changed by the City Manager for operational reasons. Notice of a change will be given as far in advance as practical.
(1) New Year's Day
(2) Martin Luther King Day
(3) Memorial Day
(4) Fourth of July
(5) Labor Day
(6) Thanksgiving Day
(7) Day after Thanksgiving
(8) Christmas Day
(9-10) Optional Holidays
Normal Day Celebrated
January 1
3rd Monday in January
Last Monday in May
July 4
1st Monday in September
4th Thursday in November
4th Friday in November
December 25 
  • (b) When a holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be observed as the official holiday. When a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be observed as the official holiday.
  • (c) The City Manager may determine that any department or operation will be open for business on a holiday.
  • (d) The actual calendar date of the holiday will be the designated paid holiday for all employees who work scheduled shifts. Because departments work various shifts, it has been left to the discretion of the Department Head to designate a single 24-hour period which will comprise the holiday for employees on scheduled shifts (12:01 to midnight; 6:01 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.; 7:01 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.; etc.).
Secs. 2-215.02 Eligibility for Holiday Pay
To be eligible for holiday premium pay, the employee must work his scheduled workday or shift immediately preceding and after the holiday unless the absence is approved or excused by the Department Head. 
Secs. 2-215.03 Holiday Pay
  • (a) Non-exempt regular full-time employees who meet the eligibility requirements shall be paid holiday pay at eight (8) hours times their straight time hourly rate. Regular part-time employees who meet the eligibility requirements shall be paid holiday pay based on the number of hours in their normal weekly schedule at their straight time hourly rate.
  • (b) If, in the opinion of the Department Head, it becomes necessary for an employee to work on a designated holiday, the employee shall be paid holiday premium pay for up to eight (8) hours worked at time and one-half (1½ x hourly rate) in addition to holiday pay. In the case of employees who work scheduled shifts, holiday premium pay will be paid for hours worked on the holiday up to the number of hours worked in a normal shift. Only those hours worked within the designated 24-hour period will be paid at the holiday premium rate. Comp time may be substituted for holiday premium pay.
  • (c) Holidays must be taken as they occur. Accumulation of holidays shall not be allowed. Employees will not be paid for holidays unused at time of termination.
Secs. 2-215.04 Absence Due to Sickness
An employee scheduled to work a holiday who fails to work because of sickness or injury shall not receive holiday pay unless (1) he notifies his Department Head at least one (1) hour before he is scheduled to report for work and (2) upon request, he presents evidence satisfactory to the Department Head, which may be a medical doctor's excuse, that his absence was due to a bona fide, unforeseen serious illness or injury. The Department Head may excuse the first requirement if he is convinced that failure to notify as required was for a reason clearly beyond the employee's control. 
Secs. 2-215.05 Holiday on a Leave Day
  • (a) When a holiday falls within an employee's scheduled vacation and the employee meets the eligibility requirements for holiday pay, the City shall give the employee an extra day off with pay on a mutually-convenient day.
  • (b) Otherwise, if a holiday falls during an approved leave of absence with or without pay for an employee on active pay status, the employee shall receive holiday pay less any amount received from Worker's Compensation or other compensation received from the City or under any City or other governmental benefit plan.
Secs. 2-215.06 Optional Holiday
The optional holidays:
  • (a) Two days become available on the first anniversary date of employment and every anniversary date thereafter.
  • (b) Are accumulative, however will not be paid out at termination.
  • (c) May be used for any reason.
  • (d) The request to use an Optional Holiday will comply with requirements in Section 2-216.02.
  • (e) In no event will an employee be allowed to take Optional Holidays in conjunction with termination, i.e., to extend the termination date.