2-210 Attendance & Tardiness

Secs. 2-210.01 Attendance & Tardiness
All employees are expected to report for duty at the scheduled time and remain there until the scheduled leaving time. Each Department Head shall be responsible for the on-time attendance of all persons within his department.
Secs. 2-210.02 Call-In
Employees are required to call in before they are scheduled to report to work when they are going to be absent or late. Failure to call in before the employee's shift begins will subject the employee to discipline, unless the Department Head is satisfied that the failure to call in was for a reason beyond the employee's control.
Secs. 2-210.03 Verification
The Department Head may require an employee to establish to his satisfaction that an absence or tardiness was for a legitimate reason. Such proof, in the case of sickness or injury, may include the presentation of a medical doctor's excuse from a doctor acceptable to the City.
Secs. 2-210.04 Continuing Absence
In the case of a continuing absence, the employee must call in each day unless otherwise instructed by his Department Head or Supervisor.
Secs. 2-210.05 Person to Call
Call-ins are to be directed to the employee's immediate supervisor; however, in the event the immediate supervisor is not available, the employee must speak with the Administrative Assistant of the Department Head.