2-209 Seniority, Layoff & Recall

Secs. 2-209.01 Seniority, Layoff & Recall Accrual
For the purposes of this Section 2-208.6 and Section 2-209, City, departmental and job classification seniority shall continue to accrue during all types of leave of absence approved by the City.
Secs. 2-209.02 Loss of Seniority
An employee shall lose all seniority and be terminated from employment as the result of any one of the following:
  • (a) Discharge.
  • (b) Retirement.
  • (c) Voluntary resignation.
  • (d) Layoff exceeding six (6) months.
  • (e) Failure to report to the Department Head the intention to return to work within three (3) calendar days of receipt of a recall notice.
  • (f) Failure to report from military leave within the time limits prescribed by law or any other leave unless an extension has been approved in advance by management. 
Secs. 2-209.03 Reduction in Force
The City Manager may lay off employees when it is deemed necessary by reason of shortage of funds or work, the elimination of positions, changes in duties or organization, or any other operational reason.
Secs. 2-209.04 Lay off Selection
  • (a) In the event the City Manager decides to lay off employees within a department, the City Manager, or his designee, will first lay off those employees employed on a temporary, probationary and part-time basis. If further layoffs are necessary, selection among regular full-time employees shall be based upon the Department Head's assessment of their:
    1. Ability to perform all of the work available.
    2. Special skills essential to the performance of the available work.
    3. Job performance as reflected by the job evaluations for the past three years or the most recent evaluations available.
    4. Departmental seniority.
  • (b) When, in the opinion of the Department Head, factors (1), (2) and (3) are equal among employees, factor (4) shall be determinative.
Secs. 2-209.05 Reassignment of Duties
The duties performed by any employee laid off may be reassigned to other employees already working who hold positions in appropriate job classifications or the work may be otherwise performed in a manner deemed in the best interest of operational efficiency.
Secs. 2-209.06 Permanent Layoffs
In some cases, the City may utilize a layoff under circumstances where there is no reasonable expectancy to return to work. Such layoffs will be designated permanent and the employees will be terminated and immediately lose all seniority. 
Secs. 2-209.07 Recall
  • (a) Regular full-time and regular part-time employees laid off shall be given consideration along with other qualified applicants for openings in their classification or in other classifications which, in the opinion of the City Manager, or his designee, the employee is qualified to perform for up to six (6) months.
  • (b) Except for employees laid off pursuant to Section 2-209.06 above, regular full-time employees who are recalled by the City within twelve (12) months shall have their City departmental and job classification seniority restored. However, they will not be given credit for the period of the layoff nor shall they receive wages or benefits during the period of the layoff. 
Secs. 2-209.08 Decisions Final
Decisions made pursuant to this section shall be final and shall not be subject to Sections 2-212 or 2-213.