2-208 Job Vacancies, Promotions, Demotions

Secs. 2-208.01 Posting Vacant Positions
Except when determined operationally inefficient by the City Manager, all full-time, non-managerial vacancies within the City will be posted on bulletin boards for five (5) working days. 
Secs. 2-208.02 Application
Employees who wish to be considered for a vacancy must apply by completing a Promotional Request Form and turning it into HR during the posting period. While selection is being made, the Department Head may utilize any employee or other person he wishes to perform the work. 
Secs. 2-208.03 Pool of Qualified Applicants
The Human Resources Director and, when appropriate, in coordination with the Department Head, will determine which of the employees, if any, who apply for the job meet the minimum qualifications for the job.
Secs. 2-208.04 Interviews
Those applicants determined to meet the minimum qualifications for the job will be interviewed.
Secs. 2-208.05 No Sufficiently Qualified Applicants
If after completing the interview and evaluation process, the Human Resources Director and Department Head determine that none of the applicants who meet the minimum qualifications for the job are sufficiently qualified for the job, the City Manager, or his designee, may fill the position in any manner he wishes.
Secs. 2-208.06 Basis of Selection Among Employees
In determining whom to promote from among qualified applicants, if any, the following shall be considered:
  • (a) Qualifications and ability to perform the job.
  • (b) The employee's past work related experience with the City and elsewhere.
  • (c) The employee's past performance record with the City.
  • (d) City seniority.
When factors (a), (b) and (c) are equal in the opinion of the Department Head, the promotion shall be awarded to the employee with the most City classification seniority.
Secs. 2-208.07 Wage Rate for Promoted Employees
The wage rate of promoted employees shall be determined in accordance with Section 2-238(b).
Secs. 2-208.08 Probation Upon Promotion
  • (a) A promoted employee will serve a minimum six (6) month probationary period or a maximum one (1) year as designated by the Department Head. If the promoted employee does not successfully complete the probationary period, the employee may be returned to the position from which he was promoted with the approval of the Department Head only if a vacancy exists. If the former position is filled, reasonable effort will be made to place the employee in a comparable position. However, if a vacancy does not exist and if it is impractical to create a new position, the employee will be released.
  • (b) Upon approval of the City Manager, a portion of the promotion probation period may be waived if the employee's performance is satisfactory.
Secs. 2-208.09 Demotion
An employee may be demoted to a classification or lower pay grade for which the employee is qualified for any of the following reasons:
  • (a) When an employee would otherwise be laid off because the position is being abolished.
  • (b) When an employee does not possess the necessary qualifications to render satisfactory service in the position.
  • (c) If an employee voluntarily requests such demotion, the employee will be given consideration if a vacancy exists.
  • (d) A demoted employee's pay schedule shall be set in accordance with Section 2-239(b).