2-207 Transfers, Reclassifications, etc.

Secs. 2-207.01 Temporary Transfers / Work Out of Classification
  • (a) Non-exempt employees who are assigned all the responsibilities of a higher classified job will be paid in accordance with Section 2-239(d).
  • (b) Except as provided in paragraph (c) below, a non-exempt employee who temporarily works in the same or a lower paid job classification or pay grade, shall receive the rate of pay for his regular job classification.
  • (c) If the temporary assignment is requested by the employee or is due to the employee's inability to perform his normal job because of illness, injury or other reasons, his salary shall be adjusted, if needed, to ensure that he does not make more than the maximum rate for the lower position.
Secs. 2-207.02 Permanent Transfers & Reclassification
  • (a) Subject to the approval of the City Manager, an employee may be permanently transferred from one job classification or department to another job classification or department.
    1. At the employee's request if, in the opinion of the Department Head it is in the City's best interest.
    2. By the Department Head for operational or efficiency reasons.
    3. By the Department Head for disciplinary reasons under Section 2-211.
  • In all cases involving more than one (1) department, both Department Heads must agree to the transfer, unless in a particular case, the City Manager decides otherwise.
  • (b) Any job may be reclassified upon the approval of the City Manager based on a modification of the responsibilities, duties and qualifications to perform the job and/or a re-evaluation of the responsibilities, duties and qualifications of an existing job.
  • (c) In the case of a permanent transfer or reclassification, pay adjustments shall be determined based on Section 2-238(d).
Secs. 2-207.03 Anniversary Date
A permanent transfer or a reclassification will not change the employee's anniversary date.