Personnel Policies

  1. 2-201 General Provisions

    It is the intent of the City Commission and City Manager to attract and retain employees of the highest caliber, to encourage the development of individual acceptance of responsibility for the attainment of outstanding public service

  2. 2-202 Definition of Terms

    Obtain a list of definitions of terms.

  3. 2-203 Standards of Conduct

    To an unusual extent and in a special way, employees in the City organization are "Good Will Ambassadors."

  4. 2-204 Types & Terms of Employment

    Employees are employed by the City as either regular full-time, regular part-time, probationary or temporary employees.

  5. 2-205 Hiring Procedures

    All persons inquiring about employment should be directed to the HR Department where they will be required to complete the standard application form.

  6. 2-206 Types of Separations

    Separations and/or terminations from positions in the City service are designated as one of the following types.

  7. 2-207 Transfers, Reclassifications, etc.

    Non-exempt employees who are assigned all the responsibilities of a higher classified job will be paid in accordance with Section 2-239(d).

  8. 2-208 Job Vacancies, Promotions, Demotions

    Except when determined operationally inefficient by the City Manager, all full-time, non-managerial vacancies within the City will be posted on bulletin boards for five (5) working days.

  9. 2-209 Seniority, Layoff & Recall

    For the purposes of this Section 2-208.6 and Section 2-209, City, departmental and job classification seniority shall continue to accrue during all types of leave of absence approved by the City.

  10. 2-210 Attendance & Tardiness

    All employees are expected to report for duty at the scheduled time and remain there until the scheduled leaving time. Each Department Head shall be responsible for the on-time attendance of all persons within his department.

  11. 2-211 Disciplinary Action

    It is the hope of the City that effective supervision and employee relations will avoid most difficulties which otherwise might necessitate employee discipline.

  12. 2-212 Employee Grievances, Disciplinary

    The grievance procedure is established to provide opportunity to regular full-time and regular part-time employees who have successfully completed their initial probationary period to appeal disciplinary actions more serious than a written reprimand under Section 2-211.

  13. 2-213 Employee Grievances, Non-Disciplinary

    It is the purpose of this grievance procedure to assure regular full and regular part-time employees that their non-disciplinary problems and complaints will be considered fairly, expeditiously and without reprisal.

  14. 2-214 Hours of Work & Overtime

    The City shall establish the hours of work in accordance with the operational needs of the City.

  15. 2-215 Holidays

    The City recognizes the ten (10) holidays as enumerated in this section.

  16. 2-216 Vacations

    Each regular full-time employee will accrue or be credited vacation leave with pay at the rates set forth in this section.

  17. 2-217 Sick & Funeral Leave

    Sick leave, whether paid or unpaid, shall apply to leave for sickness, injury or disability that is not covered by Workers' Compensation.

  18. 2-218 Sick Leave Bank

    A Sick Leave Bank is hereby established for the purpose of providing sick leave with pay for employees of the City of Lake Wales during periods of personal or prolonged illness, accident, or injury not otherwise compensated by the City.

  19. 2-219 Family Medical Leave

    Employees who have worked for the City for at least twelve (12) months and have worked at least 1,250 hours during the preceding twelve (12) months may take up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid leave in a twelve (12) month period for different reasons.

  20. 2-220 Court/Witness/Jury Duty Leave

    Employees who appear as witnesses on behalf of the City in any judicial or administrative proceeding or who are directed by the City to testify in any proceeding shall have all such time treated as compensable work time.

  21. 2-221 Other Leave Policies

    Except as required by applicable law, the decision to grant leave without pay (leave of absence) is a matter of administrative discretion.

  22. 2-222 Sexual & Other Illegal/Improper Harassment

    The purpose of this policy is to make all employees of the City aware that it is the policy of the City that sexual, racial or other forms of illegal or improper harassment will not be tolerated.

  23. 2-223 Employee Health & Insurance

    The City makes available to all full-time regular employees group medical, dental, vision and life insurance after a certain number of days of employment.

  24. 2-224 Pension

    The City maintains a defined benefit pension plan for certain full-time and part-time employees who meet the eligibility requirements.

  25. 2-225 Job Performance Evaluations

    Employee Performance Reviews are given to evaluate the employee's work attitude, quality, quantity and performance and to assist the employee and management in recognizing strengths and weaknesses and to assist in improving areas identified as weak.

  26. 2-226 Safety

    It is the intent of the City to enhance occupational safety and health among City employees through the implementation and maintenance of policies, procedures, practices, rules and standards that improve workplace safety and reduce the incidence of employee accidents and occupational diseases.

  27. 2-227 DUI/DWI & Moving Traffic Violations

    The safety and health of all City employees, residents, and the public in general is of utmost importance to the City. Such concerns include attempting to ensure that employees who drive vehicles on the public roads, streets, and highways as part of their job maintain safe driving records and habits consistent with the City's mission of conducting safe and efficient City business, and to ensure the ability of the City to maintain acceptable insurance protection at reasonable cost.

  28. 2-228 Educational Incentives & Benefits

    The City may authorize payment for tuition and books for courses it considers will be helpful to successful completion of the mission of the City subject to budgetary constraints.

  29. 2-229 Drug-Free Workplace & Alcohol Policy

    The City's Drug-Free Workplace Policy is aimed at ensuring "zero" tolerance to illegal drugs at all times and its alcohol-free policy to "zero" tolerance under circumstances that affect or might affect the safety and well being of employees, citizens and others, or the effective operation of City business.

  30. 2-230 Miscellaneous

    The purpose of this policy is to protect the public health, comfort, and environment for citizens and employees by creating areas in public places and at public meetings that are reasonably free from tobacco products, and to comply with Florida Statute, the Florida Clean Air Act.

  31. 2-233 Through 2-245 Pay & Classification

    There is hereby established a pay and classification plan for the compensation of employees of the City of Lake Wales.

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